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USB: Join the Stabolution

A complete ecosystem of payments based on a decentralized stablecoin

Easy, fast and low cost payments and international transfers

Transparency and trust: assets that back the stablecoin are audited in real time.

Easy-to-use mobile apps

Total privacy

Founded by recognized serial entrepreneurs and backed by top investors.

Meet USB

Crypto stands for freedom. We are introducing a revolutionary decentralized stablecoin for the freedom we need. Meet a Bitcoin-backed stablecoin with an easy-to-use complete ecosystem for transactions reshaping the financial world.

Stablecoin building: a new approach

USB is a Bitcoin-backed stablecoin designed to reflect the value of the US Dollar through an innovative method: shorting Bitcoin. We eliminate the need for bank accounts, ensuring immunity from crackdowns or frozen funds, and bolstering complete privacy and resilience. USB is what the crypto market was asking for: a truly decentralized stablecoin.

Transparent. Private. Safe.

USB provides the groundwork for a more transparent, resilient, privacy preserving and open financial infrastructure.

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